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Are you ready to get into yoga? Advice for Newbies...

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Yoga is good for you. YOU KNOW THIS! :0)

Have you wanted to try a class but don't know where to begin? Are the yoga words intimidating?

The best way to get started is to just go take a class. The best class to take is a class that sounds like a good fit.


If you are trying to get started I highly suggest assessing yourself before you decide on a yoga class. A few things to assess would be:

+overall health

+skill level



+special requirements

Once you have determined where you are it will be easier to know what kind of class to attend,

If you are new to yoga I suggest signing up for a Beginner class. Look for this description in the class offerings. I also suggest looking for studios that specialize in working with students who identify as beginners. Specialized and experienced professionals will make your first experience a good one! Read reviews and testimonials too. And ask your friends, there are lots of yoga teachers out here looking to help you begin your journey!


When you begin trying to book a yoga class there are going to be some styles of yoga that will be offered. Here is a simple breakdown of the styles (based upon my experience) :)

+Hatha Yoga : A traditional practice, beginner friendly, slower poses, breathing exercises, and prop integration; BEGINNER

+Aerial Yoga : A new practice, not traditional, where yoga poses are done in a hammock, suspended in the air; ATHLETIC

+Yin Yoga : A new practice, not traditional, yoga poses are primarily on the ground, LONG pose holds, focus on releasing rather than engaging; MEDITATIVE

+Recovery or Restorative Yoga : A new practice, not traditional, yoga poses are primarily on the ground, LONG pose holds, focus on releasing rather than engaging, blocks, triangles, straps, and cushions used to assist poses; MEDITATIVE

+Vinyasa Yoga : A traditional practice, experience recommended, faster paced class, breath is linked with movement, heat creating practice, energetic, engaging rather than releasing; ATHLETIC

+Iyengar Yoga : A traditional practice named after BKS Iyengar that incorporates props, similar to Hatha Yoga; BEGINNER to ADVANCED

+Yoga Therapy : A new practice offered to compliment all of the scientific research supporting yoga as an alternative health and healing therapeutic tool for: stress, anxiety, pain, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and more; MEDITATIVE

Pick a style and see if they have a class that fits your assessment, or pick a style that appeals to you! Then commit to going more than once. You won't get the best idea if yoga works for you after 1 class- take 3 to 5 classes to have a better sense of how good yoga can make you feel. Most studios have good deals for new clients to see if their Studio is a good energetic fit for you, so take advantage of those deals!

I began yoga to heal myself, and found my passion and calling on my journey. I believe that all yoga teachers offer their experience as a mode to help share that passion and freedom with their fellow humans. I hope you connect with a teacher who can help you find a way to bring yoga into your lifestyle. Namaste and Good Vibes. /|\ af #amandafieldyoga #yogaaf #yogatriangle #inventor #advocate #houstonyogateacher

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