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Coaching + Accountability Tools for March 2022

For the last 2 months I’ve been working exclusively with private clients. I am so happy to share that our sessions have resulted in lots of amazing ideas that have come out of these relationships. In an effort to keep us operating from a Holistic Wellness perspective I will be sharing inspiration and ideas to add to the value of the work we do individually and collectively. To prompt you in a proactive and easy way, each month I’ll be making 3 suggestions to help you feel empowered and optimistic for your success!

March 2022 : Theme Spring Theme

  • Emotional Wellness Activity: Journal Prompt

  • Personal Wellness Activity: Clean Out a Closet

  • Spiritual Wellness Activity: 5 Minutes of Meditation

Try to complete any or all of these activities. I will reach out to you soon to see if you’re enjoying this new content. Enjoy our lovely Spring Season!!! Hugs, Amanda

Personal Wellness Activity: Clean Out a Closet

March is the perfect time for Spring cleaning! This month I cleaned out my closet, tossing clothes that no longer serve me. I feel lighter and more at ease with the space I created for myself. When was the last time you did this? I suggest setting aside 20 minutes and lightening your load. I started with my sock drawer and was amazed at how many pairs of mismatched socks I had accumulated. I then moved to all of my formal dress wear that I haven’t used in over 2 years, and donated lots of dresses and heels to the Houston Area Women's Shelter. It’s a 5 minute drive from my house to drop off. Consider what organizations are nearby you- many will come to you for a scheduled pick up.

Emotional Wellness Activity: Journal Prompt or Read a Book

Writing and reading is good for the soul. Making time to journal and read can feel like a challenging task sometimes. In order to make this easy, let’s just start with purchasing a journal and putting it in a place that you see it regularly. In the theme of Spring, answer this prompt: “What changes do you observe in Nature in the Spring?” Use your responses to reflect on this beautiful time of year. You don’t need to feel compelled to take action or manifest any changes in your life. I just invite you to become more connected with the Natural Beauty of this time of year. I hope this makes you feel like a fresh spring bud, pushing up through the Earth. Growth takes time. Remember that and be kind to yourself.

Spiritual Wellness Activity: 5 Minutes of Meditation Outside

Of all of the activities on this list, this one is my favorite. Did you know that when you go for a walk you are exercising a style of meditation that Buddhist monks practice? Walking and nature meditations happen to us every day, but we might not associate that time spent in a Spiritual manner. Open up your calendar and mark a special day for a walking meditation outside. I took that photo on the first day of March as I went for a walk on Buffalo Bayou. I hope it inspires as much joy for you as it did for me.

Practice your practice. Put your classes and our designated times on your calendar. Commit to attending at least 1 (one) virtual or in person class a month. If you are struggling to keep up, let’s schedule a discovery call and make a plan to get you back on track.

My Ongoing Schedule:

Wednesday 8:30pm Virtual Restorative Yoga + Breathing Meditation

Thursday 8:30pm Virtual Restorative Yoga + Breathing Meditation

Saturday 9:00am Covid Yoga + Breathing Exercises

In Person Outdoor Aerial Yoga 4pm at Private Location in Garden Oaks

Can you do me a favor?

I want to add one more class to my schedule - please respond in the comments or email with your preference. Thank you, Amanda

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