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Covid Yoga + Breathing Exercises

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Hello Yogis + Future Yogis! Thanks for reading this post and sharing it with anyone who could benefit from this class - I'm sure we all know someone who has experienced challenges from COVID-19. See below for specifics:

Join us Saturdays at 9am CST on Google Meet - you can join by clicking here.

you can venmo $14 @republicyoga or zelle (713)553-3385 or pay on this site here


This class is a Hatha Yoga flow. We will begin with 10 minutes of Breathing Exercises focused on aiding the lungs. Following that we will explore 30 minutes of poses to help those specifically who have had Covid. Expect to learn functional poses to help open lungs, expand chest, correct for posture and fatigue. Look forward to finishing with a 5 minute relaxation and release, where you can incorporate aromatherapy. You will definitely need a yoga strap (or modify using a scarf, belt or 6-8 foot long piece of material) and yoga blocks.


This class is for those who need or want to explore a very breath centered Hatha Yoga practice. I want people who are recovering from COVID-19 to feel safe in this space and confident in learning how to help heal through the tools that yoga has to share. Please use this practice to increase energy and sense of vitality. Consider building a self-care morning routine around this practice: hot tea, gratitude journaling, dedicating 5 -10 minutes of reading time to a healthy subject or book you’ve wanted to start on are all nice ways to begin this practice.

You will need: 2-3 rectangular yoga blocks, strap, pillows, blankets, favorite essential oils

Recommended Extras: Peppermint essential oil, Spearmint essential oil, Wintergreen essential oil. Any one of these essential oils will work nicely. Multiple oils lets you blend oils based on the smells you prefer and can be used widely for other applications. I recommend Peppermint and Wintergreen to start.


Our Google Meeting room will be open 10 minutes before class starts for anyone to arrive early and ask questions or have specific needs addressed. People who are not considered "general population" and have had injury, are working currently or ongoing with a doctor, or who need extra attention should reach out ahead of class. Email is preferred.

I will continue to share the sequences and hope you enjoy our classes together. I share my sequences in the hopes that you will begin your own "personal practice". When you build yoga and wellness into your life, you WILL IMMEDIATELY feel better. I'd love to get you feedback too, so please comment below or email me.

thank you for believing in the healing power of wellness and yoga,

in gratitude


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2/05/22 - 2/26/22

3/05/22 - 0319/22

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