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Good Friday Meditation & Sound Bath

I hope everyone is having a lovely Spring season. We have a lot to be grateful for, during this powerful time of year.

I was blessed to be asked to help support a local church, Kindred, that supports so many folkx. Kindred is located in the heart of Montrose, and provides outstanding support and outreach to the Christian LQBTQ community, in addition to offering space for those in Recovery, and those who are without homes. Pastor Ashley and I had coffee on the Porch in front of the Church and found we wanted to work together, bringing yoga and meditation into that Community. Are you free this Friday at 7 pm to come sit with us as we take a moment to honor the Spirit of Good Friday? Pastor Ashley will lead a 5 minute sermon on Good Friday, and we will follow that with 10 minutes of easy yoga, and a 10 minute sound bath with guided body relaxation meditation. Can't make it? Consider making a contribution by booking a class and donating that to Kindred. You can book here.

Join me and local vendors for a new pop up shop. Every Full Moon, I'm now helping promote and grow a market at City Orchard. Our next event there is this Saturday April 16th from 4-9 pm. Join us for a #flowonthelabyrinth starting at 6:30 pm, listen and heal with a soundbath at 7:20 pm, and learn to fly with Aerial Yoga at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available, and you can use the code: Spring to get $5 off.

I started a new job and have had such a positive time transitioning to a remote worker. Because of this, however, I will no longer be teaching any group classes. If you want to take a class with me, my only class is Saturdays at 4 pm. Otherwise, I'm happy to work privately both in person and virtually. My rates are pretty affordable and I'm happy to schedule a call to discuss your needs, or you can read about my rates and more here. Thank you all so much for continuing to be supportive of me and my team at Republic Aerial Yoga. The thing about yoga is, that you don't need a studio to Practice.

Sending you all the warmest wishes,

Sincerely Amanda

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