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Is Private Yoga Instruction Right for You?

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Are you interested in starting a yoga practice, but have some concerns? Perhaps you are a beginner with some questions you aren't comfortable asking in a group setting. Often individuals need more specialized and tailored instruction for a physical practice, if they are beginners, have any physical special needs, or have injuries or rehabilitation needs. People chose private instruction because it is the best way to get started if group classes cause anxiety or they have medical or health issues that need individualized attention.

Getting started can be challenging because you may feel self conscious and anxious about your abilities. I regularly hear "I can't do yoga because I'm not flexible". Your perceptions around your body will change when you begin to breathe and take time to observe your body, and stop judging and comparing your experience. I also recognize that some of us are perfectionists and we think that in order to do yoga we must be good at yoga. Some people are anxious or have been injured before and are concerned that they will "do" it wrong, or hurt themselves. There are also lots of gender misconceptions around who can do yoga. Historically yoga was practiced and taught to and by men. In the media today we see many women doing yoga, however, yoga is for all people, regardless of how you identify.

Work with a professional yoga teacher for the best private yoga lessons
Private Yoga Instruction offers good alignment and hands on work!

The Benefits of Yoga are Enough to Convince You to Try Yoga

All you have to do is google "yoga for"... and the search results are really informative. Yoga for beginners, yoga for back pain, yoga for kids, yoga for weight loss, and yoga for men all come up. Google "yoga helps" and the results are equally interesting: yoga helps anxiety, yoga helps with stress, yoga helps weight loss, and yoga helps sleep all come up.

What about the actual statistics and data on yoga? When yoga google search "yoga statistics" you will find some mind blowing data, that may compel you to try yoga. Did you know "between 2012 and 2016 the number of Americans doing yoga rose from 20.4 million to 36 million" ... and "that 15% of Americans have done yoga in the last 6 months." (source: the good body ) Many major NFL Football players and teams practice yoga. And there are over 600 yoga studios currently open in the USA. Yoga is truly becoming a curious and popular activity. Is yoga a form of exercise or just a complementary health approach? The jury is still out on that question, but one thing is certain - yoga is definitely here to stay and growing in popularity and awareness. 1 in 10 people use yoga as a wellness tool. (source: NCIH)

Private Instruction for Weight Management, Strengthening, & Core Conditioning

Private Yoga Instruction is a great way to get started in the right direction. Some people utilize private lessons for strengthening and stretching to compliment any physical work they already do. For example, Movement Specialists, Athletes, and people of this background. I have experience working with Professional Athletes, College Athletes, Yoga Teachers, Fitness Trainers, and people with various individual needs. Depending on the individual's needs, a lesson will be designed with your goals in mind.

Lessons like this can include:

-Sun Salutation sequencing

-Core Specific exercises

-Mobility & ROM (range of motion) exercises

-A tailored sequence based upon any other expressed needs

-Breathing & Stress Management Meditation

This kind of private yoga practice can be best suited to individuals who want to be physically challenged, and will draw more deeply on the Asanas, or poses, done in yoga.

Private Instruction for those who need Anxiety & Stress Management

(alternate: Private instruction is also available)

There are other approachs to private instruction, depending on the Yoga Educator's background and education. Some private instruction is more for stress management, anxiety reduction, and overall mental health. Everyone, regardless of their physical fitness level, greatly benefits from this type of private yoga practice. This type of instruction or private lesson will take into account the individual's needs, and a tailored routine will be offered. Lessons like this can include:

-Singing Bowls


-Energy Healing

-Restorative & Yin yoga movements

This kind of private yoga practice can be best suited to individuals who have chronic stress, auto-immune disorders, and nervous disorders. Drawing more deeply in the energetic practices, and therapeutic elements of yoga, you will find that this kind of private instruction is not related so deeply to the poses, but the energy, or prana, you can run through your own body.

I'm Ready to Try Private Yoga... what do I do next?

How Private Instruction Works:

I recommend contacting me directly for a phone call or an email to address how I can help you. After the initial phone consult, we can determine a customized plan and then book an initial private consultation. Once I have enough information with regards to the kind of yoga I would teach you. we book for an initial private Consult - 75 minutes where we do a postural assessment, muscular response observation, and specific movements to address imbalance, core strength, alignment, balance, and breathing. (long sentence... break it up... it will give more punch)

All private lessons begin with an initial consult, and I recommend 5-10 sessions to follow.

I specialize in private client work. Private Instruction is one of the BEST ways to begin a practice, giving you a one-on-one experience that you leave you feeling cared for, building confidence in your practice, your abilities, and your potential. (, build confidence in your practice, your abilities, your potential), You will have all of your questions and concerns addressed, and most importantly, feel satisfied with the experience. Most people transition from private instruction to group classes over time, however, some people opt for private lessons.

Cancellation Etiquette

All appointments scheduled and booked in advance require 24 hours notice for cancellation. Email communication is required. Please do not text. 

Often I am booked 7 days in advance with multiple bookings in a day. I understand that things come up, however, I reserve the right to enforce a cancellation policy. 

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