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Learn Poses for Myofascial Releases. Myofascial Release Video with simple uses for neck, shoulders, low back, feet, and hips.

Myfascial release is a body work modality that is good for relieving pain and realigning the body. After training in Myofascial Release with the Sean T. Barnes school, I was delighted to learn how beneficial this practice is for pain management and postural correction. Many massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and yoga teachers incorporate myofascial release into their work. There are a multitude of tools available to practice myofascial release, from foam rollers to tennis balls. After years of teaching yoga, using props in my yoga practice, getting body work, and having injuries to manage, I have found a number of ways that the Yoga Triangles are particularly useful. In addition, there are many chiropractors and physical therapists who enjoy using them for releases in these areas:

  1. Neck work: The Yoga Triangles can help stabilize the neck and alleviate pain

  2. Shoulder work: The Yoga Triangles help rounded shoulders and upper back pain

  3. Low Back work: The Yoga Triangles provide safe postural correction and support and alleviate pain

  4. Plantar Fasciitis: The Yoga Triangles can help develop strong arches in the feet

  5. Psoas work: The Yoga Triangles will effectively release the Psoas, and increase low back mobility

One student shared her experience with using props in a practice with me:

"Yoga props have never been part of my practice, but the studio I go to switched to triangles and I figured I’d try them out. They served the same purpose as regular yoga blocks, so I honestly wasn’t that excited about them in the first few classes. Anyway, one night we did a shoulder opener in class where your arm is under you and resting on the triangle (hard to explain). I could feel this amazing stretch in my left shoulder/arm that I’d never felt before. I’m pretty flexible, but I’ve had pain in my left arm/shoulder (only when I try to sleep on my left side) for almost a decade. Long story short, I can now sleep on my left side! No pain in my shoulder (first time in years). I highly recommend this product." Brittany B.

To save you time, I've compiled a list of the various releases on my YouTube by minute. Taking just 3-5 minutes a day and focusing on a specific area can help in pain reduction and postural corrections. Have a look at my channel for more info too. And of course, if you have any specific questions, please reach out to me in the comments or via email!

Try these Myofascial Releases for the common mentioned areas above. Want something specific?

  1. Go to 3.51 in this video for hamstring and feet myofascial release

  2. Go to 7.07 in this video for squat and groin myofascial release

  3. Go to 9.29 in this video for Plantar Fasciitis and calf release

  4. Go to 26.46 in this video for Psoas myofascial release

  5. Go to 29.20 in this video for Reflexology uses

  6. Go to 31.22 in this video for neck myofascial release

  7. Go to 34.38 in this video for shoulder myofascial release

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