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Restorative Yoga + Meditation Virtual Class Info

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Hi Guys! I am so excited to be hosting virtual classes. This class specifically will be every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30pm. I'm hosting in Google Chat and you can click here for Wednesdays and here for Thursdays. Make sure you mute your mic ;)

Venmo is @republicyoga

Zelle (preferred) is (713)553-3385


This class is a combination of Yin and Restorative yoga. For those purists out there, shorter class times mean shorter pose hold times. For the sake of safely sequencing some industry standard practices may be modified to account for time. What does this mean? Yin and Restorative poses are typically held for 3-6 minutes. In this class we will not be holding as long. You can expect 2-4 minute pose holds. I promise, this will be just as enjoyable, and equally relaxing. Have any props available to practice and set aside a quiet place to enjoy your time on the mat. What about turning your notifications off disconnecting for the 45 minutes we have planned? I'd recommend 2 or 3 blocks, a couple of pillows, a blanket, and a yoga bolster.


This class is designed to get you ready for rest. I want you to sleep well, be excited to create active rest in your space, and look forward to your evening rest routine. RESTorative yoga is all about resting, receiving, and accepting. Give yourself time to access deep relaxation and soothe your parasympathetic nervous system. Breath-centered Meditation will help you learn how to incorporate meditation into your life. Both of these practices will deeply impact Stress Induced disfunctions, ranging from sleep disorders to anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I'd suggest having some herbal tea and or a bath or foot soak ready post practice.

For more info on props and modifications see my previous blog post.

I'm sharing the sequence too, so you can practice this again and begin to build an Evening Routine to help you rest. I'd love to get your feedback too, so feel free to comment below or send me an email.

thank you for showing up and sharing space with me,

in gratitude


As a reference you can use the sequencing below to recreate part of or all of the class. This is meant to be shared! Thank you :)



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