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The Gift of Yoga: Try a class

Thank You for being here. I am excited to announce lots of virtual classes for you to enjoy! After years of teaching in person group classes, running a yoga studio, and daily operations, I am shifting my focus to virtual and online classes. This is my gift to you - a free virtual yoga class.

Why Try A Virtual Class?

Virtual classes are easier in many ways. A virtual class offers a practice from the comfort of your space, and does not require lots of extra tools and preparation. What are you most comfortable with? That is what matters most to me and impacts your class choices. Interesting statistics from Mind Body Online, show that most people now prefer a hybrid format, showing that virtual classes are here to stay. These are just some of the reasons I am doubling my efforts to grow virtual classes.

  • Easier to attend

  • You can practice from your own space

  • Less pressure and anxiety to be seen by others

  • Less pressure and anxiety to

compare yourself to others

  • Ease of comfort in your own home or space

  • More affordable

I hope you feel very warmly welcomed to join in any of my online class offerings.

Why Try Yoga?

People try yoga for many different reasons. But what is the reason why yoga works? Why do people choose yoga again and again? There are many reasons, but the main reason is the breathing exercises. My virtual classes emphasize the breathing exercises, and include breath cues in every pose. I do this because I truly believe that the breath exercise is what is most important. Not the poses. An increase in oxygen and better respiration will always make you feel better. We learn how to do this in my classes.

  • Yoga has been proven to help correct sleep disorders

  • Anxiety and depression symptoms decrease

  • Breath exercises give you energy

  • A sense of Calm and Peacefulness arises

  • Feel good knowing that you are doing something positive for yourself

  • Learn how to move and breathe

  • Connect lovingly with your body

  • Create a new healthy relationship with your body and mind

  • Explore meditation

How do I Get Started? Pick a class & make your reservation.

See my blog for details on these classes. Every 2 weeks I repeat the class structure and share the class sequence on my blog, so you have a reference from the class. I have classes on Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30pm CST, and Saturday at 9am CST. This format allows you to cultivate confidence in the class, creates familiarity with the poses (since we do them 4 times over 2 weeks), and allows you to have a reference guide with my sequences on the blog. By the end of 2022 I will have enough content to create a yoga sequencing book for you to enjoy!

Restorative Yoga is a practice that is designed to create Rest in the student's experience. It is a practice that uses props (yoga blocks, blankets, straps, and more) and extended long time holds in poses. Considered a meditative practice, this kind of yoga is excellent for those with sleep and rest disorders. This class is designed to help you sleep better. If you have sleep disorders or could benefit from relaxation, this class is a great place to start.

Covid Yoga is a breath centered practice that is designed to help people who are recovering from Covid-19 or are recovering in any way. This practice is mindful of the symptoms that patients may have and the extra support needed during recovery. I address how to safely breathe and create vitality for those living with fatigue, as well as spending 10 minutes focused solely on a multitude of breathing exercises that may help those recovering. This is a truly breath focused class, and even the poses we do are designed around opening up the lungs, chest, heart, and arm tissues. This class is for those who need healing from illness and is a very Beginner friendly class.

What Next?

I host my classes in Google Meet so all you need to do is select the class you'd like to attend from below and be sure to arrive on time for the virtual sessions:

I'd suggest sending me an email letting me know you're attending. Knowing who is attending my classes truly impacts how I show up to teach. Thank you for your interest in yoga and wellness. I hope you enjoy my offerings and welcome your feedback and reviews.

Email me at:

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