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The Yoga Triangle - how it all began...

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Hi there, my name is Amanda Field. I am a student of yoga. I am a former athlete. I am also a former Texas Pre-school Teacher. I have a BA in Communications! I love all animals- I have a boa constrictor, a siamese cat, and I'm part-time mommy to a rescue doggie. Aromatherapy, tacos, coffee, and naps are on my list of favorites, and I love to spend time alone. I am an INTJ/ENTJ split on the Myers Briggs.

Practice with Pets. It's the best.

I took my first yoga class when I was 9 or 10. A friend took me to a gym class. I still remember being fascinated with the teacher and the movements, and I am even more fortunate to know my very first yoga teacher. I grew up being encouraged to move. Softball, tennis, ballet, and swimming were a few of the many body-centered movements that helped form my mind and body connection.

I grew up in Houston, Texas. I have spent most of my life here. I love it. We have a great yoga community, and a wonderful sports culture (GO 'STROS!!!). Our city is a port city, housing many nationalities, and providing amazing commerce, economy, and opportunities!!! I can not say enough good things about Houston. It really is amazing!!!

Both of my parents were entrepreneurs - my father worked in Oil & Gas, and bought and sold multiple companies, all while battling Cancer, which, sadly, he did not beat. My mother is a writer. My siblings are also all entrepreneurs and hard workers- from an IT engineer, to a professional race-car driver, I was born into a world where we were encouraged to follow our dreams. Houston is a good place to do that!

I began teaching in 2007 at a hot yoga studio. I taught a basic Hatha yoga routine with a few elements of Sun Salutations. The studio I taught at also offered Yin and Aerial yoga so I began to learn those styles. Over the years I learned more and more about yoga, taking more classes and learning other styles of yoga. I developed a love biomechanics and understanding how things in the body worked together.

I utilized props. A lot. As often as I could. I loved blocks, straps, hammocks, extra mats rolled up for the knees and abs... I offered them to my students and began to include them in my teaching. I saw a need for students to observe their teacher's using tools to enhance their practice. I often had to encourage or place the props for students in poses to get them to use props. I still see this tendency today. One day I wanted a triangular shape for a pose - and I realized that there was no prop in that form. So I decided to get started on creating the YogaTriangle. This was in 2016.

The YogaTriangle was designed for utility. It was created to enhance and make the practice more inclusive. It has been called a block, but that is misleading. It is a triangle. Not a block. But for people who have experience with yoga this makes sense.

We can compare it.

If we must, we can compare it to a block. A block is a rectangle. It has 3 usable sides. It is often used as a scaffold to bring the floor up higher for people with shorter arms or longer legs. It has its use.

A YogaTriangle is a totally different shape. It is a triangle - however what makes it unique is it's angled and beveled edges. It's technically a polynomial, with 3 separate beveled edges. The bevels are what make the design unique. They offer a stronger ridge for Myo-fascial releases, trigger point therapy, and pressure for releasing knots and muscular adhesions. The useability of the design is limitless, and the applications are still being discovered by the amazing team of ambassadors and yogis who have taken to liking the product.

What are your favorite applications for the YogaTriangle? Would you like to share your experience? Are you interested in becoming an ambassador? I am personally invested and care to know your feedback on this product. The Athleisure industry is quite profitable and a whole new industry that needs your feedback and involvement. Feel free to comment below, email me, or follow our Instagram and inquire about our Ambassador program. I appreciate the support and strive to contribute to our yoga community. Thank you for your interest. Email me @ or comment below. And thank you so much for your feedback and support:)

Here are a few of my favorite variations:

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