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Yoga Teacher Etiquette

👉🏾An observation on Yoga Teacher Etiquette, written with love, rooted in personal experiences, and authenticity by Amanda Field. First published July 2018 via Facebook edited March 4, 2019.

After your first yoga teacher training you’re so excited, right? Love, light, and Lululemons! Great, keep that spirit, but temper it with some reality. If you are looking for a “job” teaching yoga, then when you go out into the community, be prepared to participate in the community. Be prepared to take a class at the prospective studios. Be prepared to show up AS A STUDENT OF YOGA.

Teaching others is a gift.
A group class is an opportunity to hold space for others. Yoga is an energetic art.

Do your research. What kind of studio is it? A corporate studio, a smaller local studio, a studio that is run by the community, a gym - these are important facts to have before you assume you are a good fit. What kind of yoga is offered there and do you know how to teach that style?

Imagine this: you have the opportunity to apply for your first job ever, that you trained for, that you enjoy doing, and that requires a very specific skill set. You call every company in your city asking if they are hiring, but you forget to visit the web site, don’t check any of their media or look at any of the social media. What kind of impression did you make when you called and talked at the founder of the company about your qualifications, but didn’t know anything about their company or what they would be looking for in a potential employee/employer relationship? To not understand your industry, industry standards, and the culture of the industry, or more specifically, a company you want to be a part of is doing a disservice to your industry.

Do your homework. Remain a student. Always.

I have some observations that I feel compelled to share.

How Do You Show Up? Showing up is more than your arrival. It is how you present yourself to others. It is a way of connecting. Being aware of how you show up is one of the easiest ways to become better at what you want to do in your life. Here are a few suggestions and observations that may give you a better idea of what showing up entails. Some of the opinions around the Industry and Business of yoga you may disagree with, and I would love your feedback.

1.) Show up on time.

2.) Inform the instructor that you are a teacher if you feel comfortable doing so. Often times I will adjust and assist teachers and spotlight them. This is also important if you are going to go off the script, and not follow the class as the teacher teaches it. It is out of respect to the teacher, and creates a positive relationship for all students attending to see how one respectfully conducts oneself.

3.) Be a good example: listen to the teacher and be conscious of how your behavior can affect those around you. If you are going to do your own thing, I suggest going to the back of the room so you don't distract others who are trying to keep up with their practice.

4.) Understand the culture around the studio and try to fit within it’s structure: meaning pay attention to the formatting and structure the studio has in place within it’s online content, it’s student community, and it’s physical content. 5.) As a member of an INDUSTRY, there I said it, (a billion dollar industry), be aware of the industry standards and practices. Free classes are for new and prospective students - if you are an experienced yoga teacher, then please be prepared to pay to practice.

6.) Be grateful for the opportunity to observe another community outside of your realm of experience. It is quite possible that as your practice evolves, you will need to find another community, and that might just be the one you are inquiring about.

7.) Buy the shirt! What I mean by this is, if you like the studio, promote it. Whether or not you get hired, or you only attended to see if you could get hired, it shows you support your local community and economy. Buy a shirt, checkin on some social media thing, or write a review if you really want to help them out. Also here's my Tumblr :P

8.) Drop your guard and share who you are and what you wish for your needs and your community.

9.) Remember, the impression you make should always be a student first.

10.) Try to remember the first yoga class you took. Be aware when your ego in front of other new students. We are literally space holders for others, and when you need to take the back seat or ride in last, well, you should.

Welcome to the community - be a participant within it - nourish it - remain a student - always remain a beginner - All My love AF

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