The Yoga Triangle


The Yoga Triangle for Wrists
The Yoga Triangle at Lululemon Houston H
JermaineKellyJr using the yoga triangle
Straddle forward fold Yoga Triangle
Private Yoga & Hands On Assists
In all things find Balance.
Lexi Lee Yoga in neck release
Should supported threaded needle with th

I early 2016 I had the idea for the Yoga Triangle. The Yoga Triangle was born out of my personal experience and need for adaptation. I have a body with many special needs- multiple injuries, chronic physical pain, and more. This Yoga Prop is designed to be used to help alleviate achy joints, unstable and awkward positions in yoga and other movement schools.

The design was formed around a body work training that I am versed in - Myofascial Release Training. The idea that the body can release old trauma and fascial-patterns is well under study. Re-aligning crooked hips, helping stabilize destabilized tissues, and creating a sense of relief and freedom from pain is the ultimate goal of our product.

You don’t have to be a yogi to feel the immediate relief and release of pain that my product, The Yoga Triangle, has to offer. I offer training on how to use the device, as well as classes and curriculum safe for all bodies, as well as lovely supplements to Restorative & Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings.

I also work with studios and local teachers to offer our product to your clients. Please email for more details and a wholesale catalog.

Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Email me for more information, including discounted products, training, and support.

Our product is protected under Intellectual Law.