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Practicing yoga will rewire your mind and body. 

When properly applied to each individual body, the yoga exercises are tools that create mind and body connections. These are the connections that make yoga so valuable and life changing. I would be honored to help you determine a wellness practice benefits you. My program works to help individuals incorporate yoga + meditation as wellness practices. Need accountability too? I coach.  Fill out this Intake Form to get started.

Please Enjoy a gift from me - a free class to help get you started - read the Blog Post for more info.




18 years of experience in the wellness industry has helped me cultivate a full toolbox. I hold a BA in Communication. In my free time I meditate, garden, forage, explore Houston. I advocate for Sober Living and Holistic Wellness. Let's connect!

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Practice & Education

Learn to Listen to Your Body

Yoga Class

Group Class Virtual/In-Person

Are you ready to attend a yoga class? First you have to determine if you want in person or virtual classes. I teach both. You can view a blog post with a form to help you determine what you need. 

There is a class that is right for you. My Instagram is the best place for my current schedule and fun offerings. My Blog is a great place to learn more about what FAQs you might have plus fun info about yoga poses, health benefits, and more. 

Have a class you would like to inquire about? 

Email me and let's connect. I love helping people with yoga and wellness.

The Yoga Triangle: Training & More

The Yoga Triangle is quickly becoming a favorite prop in yoga classes. Book a workshop, continuing education credit class, or Yoga Alliance Teacher Training on site at your choice of location. Book our Current Workshops Here

Corporate Wellness Programs

With 18 years of teaching experience, let me bring a wellness program to your space. Email me Subject line Corporate and I'll send you my current pricing structure. 

Private Yoga Lessons

Private Yoga Lessons are a great way to Begin. For more detailed info this blog post is helpful.  Yoga helps us observe and experience the notion that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be compassionately integrated.  Coordinating breathing and physical movement, improves focus and concentration, and helps individuals expand control of their body and mind.

Clients who choose private lessons do so for a lot of reasons. Working with me privately allows you to ask direct questions, address your needs, and creates a flow for your particular lifestyle. Sessions can be 15 minutes to 60 minutes. My goal when I work with people individually is to create a simple yet easy to follow plan that exceeds their expectations, and leaves them feeling relaxed, empowered, accomplished, and pain free. 

Yoga Practice

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"