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My Experience

In 2010 I founded a wellness studio, trained over 100 teachers, created a wellness organization, and conceptualized a product from dream to full scale production. I have broad experience in product development, manufacturing, and marketing. In addition I've launched multiple brands simultaneously, consistently develop influential partnerships, collaborate and communicate well in a dynamic environment, and enjoy team work.


My email marketing list continues to grow - currently around 10,000. My social media is 100% organically and locally grown, currently at 17k in 2022. 

I enjoy working with Community Organizations and people who are new to the Wellness Industry. I look forward to connecting with you.

Wellness Consulting

The Business of Yoga

Affiliate Marketing

Product Development

Program Development

Business Development

Team Building 

Community Programming

Email and Professional Communication

Yoga Teacher Training



Work with Me

In Person Classes

Check out my YouTube for free classes.

As of 2/2023

Fridays 6:30am at Memorial Park #YogaWalk - a 3 mile walk followed by 30 minutes yoga and meditation.

Approximately 1.5 hours. Meet at Citizen Coffee Truck. Text me if you need. Free - this is a SoberWalk. As per The Phoenix's requirements, please have 48 hours of sobriety to attend.


Saturdays 9:30am at Memorial Park

#1 PicNic Loop

#adaptiveyoga - 30 minute adaptive yoga class with Athletes with Disabilities, friends and family invited. 

#beginnerfriendly stay after for breakfast and community. 

Consider volunteering for BeeAbled

In Person lesson

 The best way to start is with private work. These lessons start at $2.75 a minute, are in person and one on one.

Virtual Private lesson

These lessons start at $1.75 a minute, are virtual and one on one.

Myofascial Release

 These lessons are virtual or in person with the same rate of $1.50 a minute.

Sound healing

 These lessons are virtual or in person with the same rate of $1.00 a minute.


 Is also available. These lessons are in person and are a rate of $1.00 a minute.

Group lesson

 These are available for groups of individuals who want a class together.

These rates vary depending on the group's needs. Rates start at $30 per person.

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