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My Experience

  • Founded wellness studio in 2010, trained 100+ teachers, and launched wellness organization and product.

  • Vast expertise in product development, manufacturing, and marketing.

  • Simultaneously launched multiple brands, fostered influential partnerships, adept at dynamic teamwork.

  • Email list growing, now 10,000 strong; social media, 17k organic, local followers in 2022 on multiple platforms.

  • Passion for collaborating with Community Organizations and newcomers to the Wellness Industry.

  • Experienced in Fundraising/Philanthropy, Community Programming, Public Speaking, Business Development, and Yoga Teacher Training.

  • Annually raises $5000 to help support people in organizations that focus on giving back, supporting communities, and empowering innovative wellness.



Work with Me

Monthly Yoga Getaways

Join me once a month for a weekend Getaway. Sunrise Yoga, Dolphin Cruises, Birdwatching, Sound Bath Meditation and plenty of time for beach exploration and rest.

Our professional, Captain Melissa Stubbs, will help us explore all there is to offer in Galveston.

See my homepage for booking details.

Follow #GalvestonGetaways

Rates start at $175 a day or $250 for overnight. 


Group/Individual lessons

 These are available for groups of individuals who want a class together.

Starting at $30 per person with a $150 minimum x hour. Individual lessons start at $50 per person.

Philanthropic Work

 In 2021 I closed my studio due to the pandemic. In 2022 I worked exclusively with private clients as I transitioned into AI/ML and manufacturing. In 2023 my efforts have shifted to 100% philanthropic endeavors. All of my public classes will focus on giving back. My annual goal is $5000.

Philanthropic Work

Here are some of the organizations I have worked with: 

A 501c3 that supports athletes with disabilities. Offering ongoing classes to help their members, as well as volunteering at 5k races.

Mala Market

A 501c3 that supports local merchants and makers, in addition to community programming and arts for the youth.

JSB Music Room

An organization that supports artists and musicians by giving them access to space, equipment, support and community for creating their work. 

City Girls Who Walk Houston

City Girls is a women's walking group in Houston, Texas. They offer free weekly get togethers for weekly walks and are open to all women, all ages.

Wellness for Houston

WellnessforHOU was created to help the Houston community find wellness for you, with wellness for Hou! Their team helps individuals build healtheir lifestyles by featuring local wellness businesses and hosting a wide variety of wellness workshops and events. 


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